Satisfied tegos customers with Pilote caravans and RVs

Do you travel with a Pilote RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan? And you're interested in the retrofit or replacement of a premium retrofit door and a flap module, a high-quality bug protection system or a modern locking system for improved burglar-protection? The following images show some of our satisfied customer's Pilote mobile homes and RVs, that were optimized using tegos premium products, directly assemblied in the tegos manufacture or at one of our service parter's workshops. Increasing comfort and value retention of your mobile home included. Get your individual counseling, independent of manufacturer, brand, type or year of manufacture of your recreational vehicle.

Pilote Recreational Vehicles

Pilote Pilote - home is everywhere. The french company was founded in 1962. Today, it is not only a manufacturer of recreational vehicles, using the brand name Pilote, but also it ranges amongst Europe's top players with a total of six brands, among which you find names such as Bavaria and Frankia. From 1978 on, RVs are produced on a Bedfort chassis basis. By 1980, Pilote is already the leading brand in France. After acquiring some more well-known brands, today Pilote employs more than 800 workers, and not just in France. Unlike many other corporate manufactures, Pilote exclusively restrict their product range to RVs only, they do not offer trailers. Their vehicles address a wide middle class audience. Also somewhat restricted (and confusing, at times) appears the brand's current website, but it may be worth the visit to get at least some basic information:

Link to the Pilote website

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